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About Us

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 D. E. "Mac" McGuffee

     Stock Photo Solutions is a stock photography production company and maintains a growing rights managed photographic image library as a commercial resource for discriminating photography buyers. Located in central Mississippi we offer a wide selection of stock images for licensing which include but not limited to: agriculture, architecture, advertising, editorial, flowers, fine art, landscapes, lifestyles, Mississippi Icons, models, seascapes, travel and wildlife. Whether we are photographing families, weddings, special events, historic icons, producing fine art prints or creating commercial images we pledge professional quality on time and within budget. We do not market Royalty Free images.

     Editorial Philosophy: We make it possible for millions around the globe to see events of the day from distances that may be only a  few miles from their home to remote areas around the world. It is through our images the people are able to see life's portraits of joy and sorrow in the eyes and faces of the living and dying. Our responsibility is to document without deceit. This would also include responsibly investigating events so if the event was staged for media purposes we would be able to so advise. When documenting responsibly our images may create a wide range of emotions from joy to sorrow and even horror. There are thankfully times when our images help improve our world and the plight of our fellow man. Regrettably there will also be times when the opposite is true. While we may make the decision not to take the shot...the bottom line is regardless of the subject matter as press/editorial photographers we have a responsibility to the people to provide unaltered documentary images. 

     What is Stock Photography? Licensed images purchased by photography buyers to include but not limited to use in advertising, annual reports, books, brochures, decor, design, industry magazines, newspapers, publications, presentations, technology, and websites. 

     What is Rights Managed? Rights managed stock images are licensed for a specific use and time. Fees are predicated on the specifics of that use. The "managed" aspect  refers to the tracking of uses and history of sales of a particular image. For example, a magazine needing a specific image to compliment a story or article would probably not want to license an image that a competing magazine has licensed or recently used.       

     Image Size, Resolution and Quality:

  • High resolution 35mm, medium format, film and digital at 300 ppi to 200 MB file size and larger

  • DVD for larger series shipped overnight.

  • High speed electronic image transport anywhere around the globe.

       Digital Workflow:

      Depending upon the intended usage digital images are simultaneously captured in both Raw and Jpeg,  unsharpened, RGB or sRGB  color space with normal contrast. Images are downloaded to our workstation with the original file and it's metadata intact which includes date and time shot, ISO, aperture, shutter speed, lens focal length and captioned and categorized per NAA/IPTC codes. The original images and it's metadata are archived in several different forms as proof of copyright (we retain copyright) as well as proof the images have not been altered or changed for editorial purposes. When a client requests press ready CMYK images the workflow begins with the original images sized to need, brightness and contrast reviewed and if necessary adjusted in levels. If the image is to be sharpened it is converted to LAB, unsharp mask applied to the "L" channel only (less aliasing when sharpening the image data), then converted back to RGB/sRGB or CMYK in accord with client's needs. 

      Field and Special Assignments: 

     We specialize in stock photography for the corporate, editorial  and commercial market. Although we prefer to shoot film, eighty-five percent (85%) of our stock and editorial work is now shot digitally. By shooting digital we can shoot an assignment, upload and transport images at high speed electronically anywhere around the globe. We retain copyright on all our images.

  • P. O. Box 2128, Brandon, MS. 39043

  • Phone: Central Mississippi  601-955-9416

  • Fax:  601-591-1808

  • E-mail:


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