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Contact Us
Phone:  601-955-9416     Fax:  601-591-1808     Email:

     Depending upon your time zone and country of origin our staff will generally respond to your image request within the hour. If you need an immediate response please call us at 601-955-9416 or you may fax us at 601-591-1808. Please be sure to include the following information with your image request: 

     1.  Image identification number and description. 

     2.  Intended usage of image. Editorial, print, publication rights, electronic rights, etc. 

     3.  Size (width and height, i.e., A4), resolution, file type (tiff, Jpeg, etc.) and color space.

     4.  Corporate name, address, phone, fax, and name authorized to contract for image.

     Once we have this information our staff will send a low resolution JPEG via PDF of requested image(s) for closer review and buyer's order with pricing information. Please use the email address for quick response:

Att: Leslie

Phone: 601-955-9416

Fax:  601-591-1808


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