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Mississippi Editorial Photography

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Copyright 2005 - D.E. Mac McGuffee.  All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2004 D. E. Mac McGuffee.  All Rights Reserved. Katrina Series - Copyright 2005 D. E. Mac McGuffee. All Rightsd Reserved.
Mississippi Shrimpers Sweet Potato Queens Hurricane Katrina Images

Images Now Available for Editorial and Publication Licensing

     We make it possible for millions around the globe to see events of the day from distances that may be only a  few miles from their home to remote areas around the world. It is through our images the people are able to see life's portraits of joy and sorrow in the eyes and faces of the living and dying. Our responsibility is to document without deceit. This would also include responsibly investigating events so if the event was staged for media purposes we would be able to so advise. When documenting responsibly our images may create a wide range of emotions from joy to sorrow and even horror. There are thankfully times when our images help improve our world and the plight of our fellow man. Regrettably there will also be times when the opposite is true. While we may make the decision not to take the shot...the bottom line is regardless of the subject matter as press/editorial photographers we have a responsibility to the people to provide unaltered documentary images. We embrace the NPPA code of ethics. 

The workflow

     Recent improvements to digital camera sensors has moved digital imagery, in the opinion of an increasing numbers of my peers, to a level equal to and in some cases better than film. In fact more and more state-of-the-art studios are going totally digital. The processed images are previewed and sent to a professional lab for printing or as is in the majority of the cases, processed and printed in the dry lab on site. I am of the opinion the digital image is far cleaner than images produced from film. By shooting digital we can shoot an assignment and within minutes upload and transport large image files electronically anywhere around the globe.

     Depending upon the intended usage high resolution image capture is simultaneously in Raw and Jpeg, unsharpened, RGB or sRGB color space, with normal contrast. In the field images are downloaded to a portable workstation with original file and it's metadata left intact. All images are captioned and categorized per NAA/IPTC codes.  Depending upon the size of the project and time line, images and text for editorial/press projects may be uploaded and transported at high-speed electronically or CD created and delivered over-night. Please give us a call if you have any questions at 601-955-9416 or fax us at 601-591-1808.  


      If you decide to use our services our pledge to you is unaltered documentary photojournalism. Call 601-955-9416 or see pricing on our day rates. Editorial pricing based upon reasonable application of the "Editorial Estimator".


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