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Mississippi Stock and Editorial Photography 

Providing a licensed image library as a commercial resource for discriminating photography buyers

Stock Photography Samples

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Facing a deadline? 

     We have selected a number of images for viewing to give you an idea of both the scope and style of our work. Locating that special image is not always simple. Tell us about your image needs. If we do not have the image your project demands in our image library let us create them for you.

     We continue to build a library of stock images covering a wide spectrum of categories such as agriculture, animals, architecture, birds, business, conceptual, editorial, flowers, health, landscapes, lifestyles, Mississippi Icons, seascapes, technology and travel. Click on the representative listing above to view samples of each category. 

     Our images are available for licensing. We do not offer Public Domain or Royalty-Free images. We warrant that we own the copyright to all images and/or have all the rights under copyright law to grant a license for use. We do not publish a catalog of images at this time

     Once an image decision has been made we are able to produce a high resolution CD or DVD (file system ISO9660, RGB or, CMYK, TIFF, JPG, or RAW saved in PC or MAC byte order, sharpened or unsharpened and uncompressed in convenient sizes). You may contact us by phone or email for viewing information as well as information on the use of images in our files. 

  • Pricing is based upon reasonable application of "The Editorial and Advertising Estimator" determined by usage such as one-time, unlimited or exclusive, commercial advertising,  books, brochures, calendars, circulation, corporate, editorial, greeting cards, pamphlets and other types of publications.

  • Licensing Information:  Offering One-time rights, first rights, serial rights, exclusive rights, electronic, promotion and all rights to images.  

  • Definitions: 

    Rights-Protected License: Guaranteed exclusive use of the image(s) for a specific industry and/or territory subject to terms of the license. The image will not be licensed to a competing company or industry for an agreed upon time period

    Rights-Managed-License:  Guaranteed use of an image(s) for a specific time, territory and industry without exclusivity. 

    The license may include any of the following rights:

    One Time Rights:  Images are leased or licensed for a one-time use. For example the image may be in the form of an print ad that runs no later than six months from the date of the invoice. A one-time fee paid for for one-time use.

    First Rights:  Photo buyer is paying for the privilege of being the first to use the image.

    Serial Rights:  The image is used in a periodical. Image is not running in a competing publication.

    Electronic Rights:  Rights purchased to display image on specified electronic media with or without print rights for agreed upon time period usually based upon twelve (12) month usage. Web publishing or electronic rights is a separate money maker for publishers. Although there are no print runs or circulation numbers to help measure fees for web usage we bill this as a separate item.  


    Give us a call at 601-955-9416 or send email to:

    You may also fax us for information at: 601-591-1808


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