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The Processional


Wedding Coverage

     We continue to get inquires asking if we do photojournalistic weddings. The following images are examples of our work in this area. You may click on the image above or the "Next" Button below to view additional images.                        

     Although your wedding lasts one day the images we capture, whether journalistic, traditional or a combination of both, are a keepsake for you, a legacy for your children and a precious heirloom passed down from generation to generation. Your wedding is one of a few major events in your is not just a another wedding to us...we  approach your event with the same importance as if it were our own family. Our photography is about capturing memories...yours. It is your day and we encourage you to plan it your way. 

The Bridal Special


     Due to recent requests for a professional low cost photography package designed for small wedding coverage or the family-only wedding when limited photography coverage is needed we have added the Bridal Special to the number of collections we offer. This special is based on wedding within 60 radius of Brandon. This is a great cost saver for the creative bride that plans to purchase and custom design her own wedding album from another source.  

  •   30 different prints. Wedding candids and/or formals consisting of 4x5's, 5x7's and 8x10's.

  •   Wedding and reception coverage only.

  •   1 DVD consisting of the same images selected as prints. 



     We realize there are reasonable limits to how far in advance one can plan a wedding. However, unlike some studios, we limit by choice the number of weddings we will do each year. There are certainly a number of fine studios that produce a quality product and offer greater date availability than we choose to offer. We will gladly refer you to one of these should we be booked for your date. To check date availability you may give us a call or email us at:



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