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Editorial Assignments

     Covering Mississippi our minimum average day rate for editorial photography assignments with one-time rights (print media only) is billed at $400.00 plus reasonable expenses. Minimum $59. per hour. Included but not billed are the additional hours spent on assignment preparation, post production work and administrative duties.  The day rate is based on one time use in print media and would not include electronic rights, foreign language rights, or English language rights outside of North America, or any reprint rights.  

Stock Images  

     Pricing for stock is determined by usage (see Stock Search). Publication and advertising pricing is based upon reasonable application of "The Editorial Photography Estimator". You may examine and review the estimator by going to or Once you have completed your review you will need to click on the back button of your browser to return to this site.

     Stock Photo Solutions maintains a growing rights managed photographic image library as a commercial resource for discriminating photography buyers.  Located in central Mississippi we offer a wide selection of stock images for licensing which include but not limited to: agriculture, architecture, advertising, editorial, flowers, fine art, landscapes, lifestyles, Mississippi Icons, models, seascapes, travel and wildlife. We pledge professional quality on time and within budget. We do not market Royalty Free images.

     Stock Photo Solutions images are Rights Managed. Rights Managed stock images are licensed for a specific use and time. Fees are predicated on the specifics of that use. The "managed" aspect  refers to the tracking of uses and history of sales of a particular image. For example, a magazine needing a specific image to compliment a story or article would probably not want to license an image that a competing magazine had recently used  

    You may call 601-955-9416 or email us at for more information  Be sure to include the print identification number, size and resolution in PPI  you are interested in. If you are interested in seeing the larger collection send us an email or give us a call. 

Photography Prints

Print sizes from 5"x 7" to 24"x 36" unframed without mat

  •       5" x 7"      $ 24.00

  •       8" x 10"    $ 39.95

  •      11" x 14"   $ 79.95

  •      16" x 20"   $ 99.95 

       Pricing does not include taxes and shipping costs. All photographic prints are archival quality and guaranteed against fading. All prints are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form or medium. 


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