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St Patrick's Parade and Sweet Potato Queens

Jackson, Mississippi


Click here to view editorial images of the 2005 Sweet Potato Queens Parade

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St. Patrick's Parade and Sweet Potato Queens 

Jackson, Mississippi

Miss Mississippi Alison Kellogg

     Miss Mississippi Allison Kellogg,  Darrah Johnson, a Mississippian who took part in the hit TV show Survivor and  Jill Conner Browne author of  several Sweet Potato Queen books were among the dignitaries greeting  parade goers Saturday,  March 20th as the city of Jackson hosted the 2004 St. Paddy's day parade. In it's 22nd year it was evident that the stars of this years parade were the  Sweet Potato Queens and Wannabes looking for a good time. They came from all over Mississippi and from across the country bringing with them their charm, humor and spectacular costumes.  It was difficult to determine whether the Krewes or the crowds were having the most fun. The sounds of music, dance and laughter filled the warm Mississippi air intermingled with repeated cries from the crowd, "throw me some beads lady". If you missed the party you will get another chance in March 2005.To view images of the people who attended the party simply click on the "Next" button.



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